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No, The Bottom Half Of This Cat Is Not A Chicken

If you just saw this fluffy kitty's face, you might think, "Handsome cat!"

But then your eyes travel a bit and it's all: "Ack! Plucked poultry!"

Turns out that what the Internets are calling a "half-cat, half-chicken" is simply a feline who had some surgery near his left hip recently. It's common to shave a wide swath of fur to create a clean, sterile area to perform major surgery. And that black wrap on his paw is likely where he had an IV placed during the procedure. We don't know what this fluffy/shaved guy went through, but judging by the length of that incision, it wasn't very much fun.

Nonetheless, some of the comments about this hybrid-looking guy are pretty funny:

  • NSFW
  • What's up chicken butt?
  • Why am I always surprised that animals have skin under their fur?
  • But...tail's still FABULOUS

Though the photo was reposted (and mania ensued) this week, the original post was actually from a year ago - so hopefully he's fully mended now and just all fluffy, handsome ginger cat!