Genius New Onesie Lets You Be A Cat AND Carry One

More ways to carry your cat everywhere? Yes. Please.

Back in May, Unihabitat created the Mewgaroo Hoodie, a sweatshirt with a perfect cat-sized pocket. The sweatshirt seemed like the comfiest way to carry your pet around - until the same company created the Mewgaroo Jumpsuit.

Yes, it is exactly as perfect as it sounds.

The Mewgaroo Jumpsuit is essentially a onesie with a cat carrying pouch attached on the belly. It's the same concept as the hoodie, except this way your entire body will be warm and catlike instead of just your upper body. What could be better?

This video created by Unihabitat shows exactly how much your cat will love (and be thoroughly confused by) this new creation.

click to play video

The genius suit has paws, ears, and a tail, so you can not only easily store your cat, but you can also be a cat right alongside them. This suit is basically the ultimate bonding experience (possibly to your cat's dismay).

Who knows how our cats will feel about being dragged everywhere by a gigantic human-like cat, but it's definitely worth a try!