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These Handbags Are Made To Look Exactly Like Cats

If cats could talk, they'd probably be the first to tell you there's no accessory in life more regal or distinguished than a fine, fancy feline. Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to be rather particular when it comes to showing off their impeccable grace and beauty.

But now, thanks to one designer's incredibly lifelike creations, any situation (or outfit) can be classed-up in that special cat-like way. Meet the Cat Bag, fashion's answer to the ornery feline - one that will actually help out by carrying stuff.

These adorable cat-shaped handbags are the brainchild (or brainpet) of a Japanese artist named Pico. Each is handmade using faux fur, carefully crafted with big round eyes, pink pointy ears and a tail - you know, just like a real cat.

Afterward, the Cat Bags can then be airbrushed to give the kitties, err, bags, their own unique coloring.

These lovable Cat Bags recently caught the attention of Twitter users, who last month retweeted Pico's photos more than 10,000 times.

Not surprisingly, the bags are something of a hot commodity. Pico recently sold one Cat Bag on a Yahoo! Auction for $700 and another for $500. There's no telling when more might be available for purchase, but it might behoove folks who are interested in owning a Cat Bag to follow the artist's Twitter account for more information.