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Cat And Toddler Are Equally Overjoyed By Laser Pointers

<p>YouTube: abbadontaud</p>

Phin the toddler and Muon the cat are having a quality bonding session and enjoying a classic pastime - chasing a laser pointer.

Both small creatures are equally enraptured by the laser's alluring glow and impish trickery. It seems like it's constantly just out of reach! While Muon is actually trying to hunt the glowing red dot, Phin can't help but squeal delightedly at the absurdity of it all.

Watch the playdate below:

(YouTube: abbadontaud)

According to VetStreet veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker, laser pointer toys are generally good for cats as they allow them to exercise and indulge their natural hunting instincts. However, it's always best to reward the kitty with a tangible treat or toy they can "capture" afterwards for their valiant laser-catching efforts. And use common sense of course! No pointing at anyone's eyeballs!