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Cat And Lizard Hated Everyone Until They Met Each Other

They even take naps together.

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Din Din the cat loves her mom, but was never very fond of anyone else.

"Din Din is a grump who hates all other living creatures besides me," Kimi Joyner, Din Din's mom, told The Dodo. "She trusts very few people due to the fact that she was abused as a kitten. She was passed around homes for a while because no one could deal with her attitude so we decided to take her in and try to make her happy."

While Din Din loved her new home, she still wasn't very fond of anyone who happened to pass through it. Her mom used to foster all different kinds of animals - from cats and dogs to ferrets and snakes - and Din Din actively disliked every single one of them.

Her mom didn't think there would ever be anyone else that Din Din liked - until they met Joanna.

Joanna is a bearded dragon who wasn't being cared for properly in her previous home so she became aggressive and lost trust in people. She would lunge at other animals, and didn't really seem to get along with anyone.

Joyner knew Joanna needed to get out of her previous home and so she offered to take her, even though she knew Din Din would probably hate it.

"I had no intention of the two ever really interacting but it happened by accident when I had Joanna out wandering and Din Din suddenly came up to sniff her," Joyner said.

Joyner was immediately worried that both girls would become aggressive towards each other - but neither of them did. For some reason, from the very beginning, Din Din and Joanna seemed to understand each other.

"It started as tentative curiosity, but now they love each other," Joyner said.

Din Din and Joanna now follow each other wherever they go. When Joanna is in her enclosure Din Din lays beside it and waits for her to come out. They love to chase each other around the house, take naps together and show affection by rubbing up against each other.

"How they act around each other and the behavior they exhibit has never been witnessed before in either of them with any type of animal or human company," Joyner said.

Both Joanna and Din Din came from rough pasts, and they understand each other better than anyone else ever could.

Since arriving in her new home, Joanna's personality has completely changed. She's so friendly and loving now, and loves to cuddle with her mom and Din Din.

"She was instantly calm and happy in our care," Joyner said. "She is the sweetest thing in the world now."

Din Din is still the same mostly distrusting cat - but now she's showing more of her soft, friendly side. One step at a time, Joanna is changing Din Din for the better.