What Your Adopted Cat Says About You

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So many cats in shelters are waiting to be adopted and, let's be honest, you wish you could take them all home. Alas, you can only choose one - and the cat you pick might say a lot about your personality.

Black Cat


You love breaking stereotypes and have always had a soft spot for the underdogs. Black cats get a bad rap - like the pit bulls of the cat world. You know, though, that there's nothing evil or wrong about a black cat - they're really big love bugs, just like you.

Orange Cat


You are quirky and friendly and people always take to you quite easily. People seem to find orange cats the most adorable and enticing, and that's how people feel about you, too. You're very outgoing and you love being around others.

White Cat


You appreciate beauty and love surrounding yourself with it. You appreciate unique, yet classic things, so a white cat is a great representation of who you are - classy, elegant and one who loves to make a statement.



You have a lot of patience and are unafraid of most things. Even though you may have been told that adopting a senior cat would be challenging, you did it anyway, because you saw something special in him or her. You know you're only as young as you feel. You are probably an old soul, enjoying the finer things in life - which is why you and your senior cat get along so well.



Your energy level is unmatchable. Rather than adopting an already-trained, calmer, slightly older cat, you chose a kitten, brand new to life, and you couldn't be more excited about it. You're definitely a lively person who loves to be active, but you also enjoy some cuddles every now and again. You're very nurturing and compassionate and definitely have the patience to raise a little kitten.

Outgoing Cat


You are on the extroverted side, which is why an outgoing cat is perfect for you. You're very charismatic and you don't really care what others think of you - just like your cat, who is defying stereotypes just by being social. You like attention and you're definitely not afraid to take risks, which is why, when your cat gets himself into trouble, you TOTALLY understand.

Shy Cat


When you first met your cat, she may have been afraid of you and likely took some time to warm up, but you weren't fooled - you knew that behind her shy demeanor was a cat who had so much love to give, and just wanted a place to belong. You can also be shy, and therefore, you are the perfect person to help your cat through it.

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