Heartbreaking Note Shows Why Abandoning A Pet Is Always A Bad Idea

Sometimes, there just isn't much we can do.

On Tuesday morning, volunteers with The Little Guild, an animal rescue group in Connecticut, found a box sitting by their mailbox. The box was torn open and clawed - as if an animal had been trapped inside.

Accompanying the box was ten dollars, some food and a note about a cat named Val, who was supposed to be inside the box. The note explained that Val's owner had died, and the person who had been taking care of him could no longer keep him.

Instead of making sure he got into the shelter safely, someone left Val in a box in the cold and rain. He was likely so frightened that he clawed his way out and ran away.

"We have set traps and hope to get Val back safely, but we know it is not likely given he does not know our neighborhood or to come back to us," the group wrote on its Facebook page.

Even though whoever left Val was trying to do the right thing, Val is now lost and alone, and no one knows what he looks like or how to find him.

"Abandoning an animal, no matter how desperate the situation, is inhumane and illegal," the group wrote.

If the people who abandoned Val knew what might happen to him, they might never have done it. We can only hope that someone will find Val and be able to get him the help he needs.

If you or someone you know can no longer take care of a pet, there are many options to consider before abandoning them or leaving them at a shelter.