Carrie Ann Inaba: A Letter To My Cat, Taz

As part of the recently released definitive cat lover's book A Letter To My Cat, Dancing With The Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba had this to say about her rescue cat, Taz.

Dear Taz, I love you. My one-kidneyed medical miracle... your love is like a warm, furry blanket on a cold winter evening. At twenty-two pounds, you are a big pillow of love. If ever there was peace, I have found mine with you, Taz-Man. When you were sick and had those surgeries for your chronic kidney condition, I remember praying to God not to take you, to allow us to have more time together, as I rushed over to the hospital right after the premiere of Dancing with the Stars. In Uggs and my gown, I drove straight to San Diego from Los Angeles and got ready to spend every moment I could giving you my love to show you not to give up. And you didn't. After three surgeries, each a little more risky than the previous one, you always surprised the doctors and came back stronger than ever. As if nothing was wrong. And even now-with your esophageal feeding tube through which I give you water four times a day to keep your kidney strong and healthy-you do not act sick. You do not think you are sick and when I look at you, I see only vibrant health. Because that is your choice. You are strong... and you are pure with your intent to live each day with love and peace in your heart. I have been so fortunate to have been able to share my life with you. That day I found you on the street is one I will always be thankful for. You have been my protector and my friend-my guide to peace and my love pillow at night when life gets me down. You've taught me that love is all that matters.

And I'm grateful.

And I'm proud to be your mama. I love you, Tazzie Boy.

Love, Mommy

To read more, you can follow A Letter To My Cat on Facebook and Twitter. Reprinted from A Letter To My Cat by Lisa Erspamer. Copyright © 2014 by Lisa Erspamer Entertainment LLC. Published by Crown Archetype, an imprint of Random House LLC.