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AT LAST! Horses Freed From Carriage Hell In San Juan

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Horses have something to celebrate in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where horse-drawn carriages are no more. Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto ordered the ban Monday, four days after an a horse collapsed in a street of the capital city.

Citing "deplorable conditions of exploitation and mistreatment to which the horses are submitted on the streets of Old San Juan," Cruz Soto urged citizens "to report any situation of animals being mistreated."

Animal welfare groups like NYCLASS, who are pushing for similar bans in New York City, rejoiced at the news that horses would no longer be pulling tourists through streets of San Juan day and night. "We applaud San Juan's decision to ban the unsafe and inhumane horse carriage industry and look forward to New York joining the growing ranks of communities around the world that are ending this practice," NYCLASS executive editor Allie Feldman said in a statement.

The New York City Council is expected to vote on Mayor Bill de Blasio's bill to ban horse carriages this summer.

Take action to help carriage horses who aren't so lucky here.