Wild Capybara Befriends A Cat Who Loves To Rub His Belly

<p>Facebook/Amanda Sossai<span></span></p>
<p>Facebook/Amanda Sossai<span></span></p>

It's good to have friends - especially ones who know just how you like it.

Here's a wild capybara who found exactly that, and in a very friendly cat, no less. The odd pair was spotted recently near a university campus in Mato Grosso, Brazil, where a family of the large South American rodents calls home. While a group of students looked on, stunned, the basis of that unlikely friendship was revealed before their eyes:

Apparently the cat's a pro at giving belly rubs.

Fortunately, lest such an arrangement sound too strange to be true, student Amanda Sossai captured the scene on video, telling Folha Max:

"I had never seen this interaction between cats and capybaras."

There's a first time for everything!