Crow Refuses To Leave The Man Who Saved His Life

Canuck, a crow who lives in Vancouver, Canada, got into a bit of trouble recently. His dad, Shawn Bergman, wasn't pleased by the bird's conduct.

"I'm not thrilled that he tampered with a crime scene, but what ... [can] you do?" Bergman told The Dodo. "He's a wild crow."

Canuck holding a knife (not the one he stole recently) | Shawn Bergman

On Tuesday, police arrived at a crime scene where they were confronted by a man holding a knife. Shots were fired and the man was arrested.

The knife inevitably became evidence - but was picked up by Canuck when he swooped in and decided it would become his. An officer managed to chase the clever crow until he finally dropped the knife, CBC News reported.

Canuck loves cuddling and petting. | Shawn Bergman

But long before Canuck was meddling in police affairs, he was a hatchling who had fallen out of his nest as a baby. "He was found and raised by my landlord's son," Bergman wrote on Canuck's Facebook page. "He was no bigger than a tennis ball and was not able to fly due to his age. He more than likely would've died if he hadn't been taken in, in my opinion."

Canuck and Bergman | Shawn Bergman

Canuck was cared for by the landlord's son until he was able to fly and survive on his own.

Shawn Bergman

He was released in July 2015, but not before receiving a red band on his left foot that made him easily identifiable and signaled to others who came across him that he'd had human contact.

Shawn Bergman

But even though Canuck was free to go, he never left the neighborhood, choosing instead to loiter in the yard of the building he knew as home.

"On approximately day three of his release we noticed that he was not around the house," Bergman told The Dodo. Bergman decided to go looking for the crow himself, to see if the bird was still within the parameters of the neighborhood.

"I ended up coming across him in an open grassy area looking very confused and scared," Bergman said. "As soon as he saw me, he ran up to me. I put up my arm and he flew up and landed on it."

The first time Canuck and Bergman met in 2015 | Shawn Bergman

"That was the first time I had ever walked through the neighborhood with a crow on my arm. Little did I realize it would be far from the last," Bergman said.

Shawn Bergman

"Now it's an everyday thing," he said.

Shawn Bergman

While Canuck is friendly - for the most part - toward other people, he shares a special bond with Bergman, whom he greets in the mornings and follows to his bus stop when he heads off to work.

Shawn Bergman

As soon as Bergman steps off the bus each evening, Canuck is there to say "hello" after a long day.

Canuck giving his dad a kiss | Shawn Bergman

Canuck celebrated his estimated first birthday on May 9.

Shawn Bergman

Despite Canuck being used to humans, Bergman aims to keep the crow's experience as close to the wild as possible.

Shawn Bergman

"I want him to experience life naturally," Bergman said.

Shawn Bergman

Well, as naturally as a bird who's become a bit of a celebrity both locally and internationally can experience.

Shawn Bergman

"He's very mischievous and a prolific thief, but he can also be quite comical," Bergman said. "He's not shy."

Shawn Bergman

But no matter how far Canuck strays, he knows that he'll always have a partner in Bergman - the person who came for him just when he needed him most.

Shawn Bergman

"Who knows, maybe he looked at that day [we met] as the day I rescued him from being lost," Bergman said.

Shawn Bergman

Watch this video of Canuck "car surfing" with his dad, one of his favorite pastimes: