Canada's Largest Turkey Farm Responds To Animal Abuse Allegations

Following the release of undercover footage that reveals disturbing alleged animal abuse at Hybrid Turkeys, Canada's largest turkey-breeding factory farm, the company has announced that it will take new measures to "enhance the ethical and responsible treatment of the turkey flocks in their care."

According to a company press release, Hybrid Turkeys will now enforce video monitoring of all euthanasia for birds on their premises. Additionally, Hybrid Turkeys has also announced that they will begin conducting veterinary review of all turkey euthanasia, which has been met with a positive response from others in the Canadian turkey farming industry. The company has also agreed to cooperate fully with all investigations into the alleged abuse, which was captured by an undercover activist from Mercy for Animals Canada. The video showed four Hybrid Turkeys employees -- who have since been suspended -- kicking and beating injured birds.

"Hybrid has zero tolerance for animal abuse and we have taken clear and immediate steps to address the situation," said David Libertini, the company's managing director. "We have continued to request a copy of all video footage captured on our facilities in order to conduct a thorough investigation."

According to Libertini, Hybrid Turkeys will continue to work with the Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare to improve conditions for the company's birds.

ACTION GUIDE: Factory Farming/Humane Eating

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