Goose Couple Shows Up On Doorstep With Their Newborns

It's not every day you look out a downtown window and see a family of geese staring back at you.

And certainly not if you live in one of Canada's most densely populated condo enclaves, Liberty Village in Toronto.

But spring has a way of hatching all kinds of surprises. Like this family, which took residents by surprise this week, springing up right under their noses.

This is, after all, the land of lattes and vertical living. Nightlife, not wildlife.

And yet, a couple of Canada geese, famed for their navigational prowess, decided a condo balcony was a good place to start a family, according to the Facebook page for the neighborhood.

The whole family then decided it was a good day for a walk around the neighborhood, ending up on another resident's terrace.

Naturally, condo enclaves aren't the ideal home for a family of ducks just beginning to find their way in the world. Someone called the Toronto Wildlife Centre and within minutes a team of goose-catching specialists were on the scene.

They took the whole family to their facilities, a first stop before they're released to a more goose-friendly neighborhood - where they can truly spread their wings.

If you happen to come across babies in the wild, here's some good advice on how to handle them.