Camel Really Doesn't Want To Be In The Circus, Escapes Twice In 24 Hours

The actions of a camel held captive at a traveling circus in Norway have left little doubt about just what he thinks of his job.

Earlier this week, bactrian camel Ali somehow escaped his enclosure in the town of Stjørdal where his keepers had taken him and other animals to perform for the company Circus Arnardo. Passersby marveled at the unusual sight as Ali enjoyed a rare moment of freedom, settling in the center of a nearby roundabout to munch on some grass.

According to The, police were called out and his handlers were summoned to escort Ali back to the circus. At the time, no one was quite sure why the animal had wandered off, but it soon became clear: it was because he wanted to.

Around 24 hours after walking away from his life as a circus prop, Ali did it again, returning to pretty much the same spot as the day prior. Eventually, however, he was caged.

After those two brazen escapes, the circus has decided to ditch whatever illusion there might have been to suggest that their non-human performers were sticking around willingly. A guard will now be posted round-the-clock to make sure Ali, nor any of the other animals, get the idea to go wandering off again.