Caitlyn The Pit Bull Overcomes Her Past To Help Other Dogs

In May 2015, a pit bull named Caitlyn was found with her mouth taped shut with electrical tape. Her abuser was caught, justice was served and Caitlyn became a public figure in the animal welfare community.

Now, nearly six months later, Caitlyn is still in the spotlight - and helping to advocate for animals in need everywhere.

Over the holiday weekend, Caitlyn acted as an ambassador - or "Ambassadog," as the Charleston Animal Society (CAS) wrote on its Facebook page - to ensure the safety of animals during the Halloween festivities. Caitlyn's foster family dressed her in the most fitting costume: a superhero.

On October 31, the shelter posted a message "from Caitlyn," encouraging pet owners to keep their pets healthy and happy that night. "'Superdog' says keep your friends safe tonight! No bad candy for dogs and keep away all scary goblins," the shelter wrote.

Caitlyn was rescued by CAS in May and is now in foster care with a loving family, including a dog brother named Oreo. She still visits CAS frequently and is now a big part of many of the shelter's campaigns.

When Caitlyn cannot attend events herself (she is very busy and important, after all), a lifelike cardboard cutout of her goes in her place. Caitlyn's image and presence is so important in the animal community, as she is the perfect example of the amazing capacity animals have to heal and to love.

"Her image of bravery is being used throughout the Lowcountry and the world to promote the humane care and love for all animals," Charleston Animal Society said on their Facebook.

This week, Caitlyn will be "interviewed" on Skype by The Daily Share on HLN, accompanied by her rescuer Aldwin Roman, director of anti-cruelty and outreach at CAS.

After the horrendous abuse she suffered, it's wonderful to see that Caitlyn is healthy and thriving, and making a difference in the lives of animals everywhere.