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Cool Cab Driver Gives Free Ride To A Family Of Displaced Ducks

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Call it a fare to remember. The payment? Ten grateful bills.

Cab driver Urga Adunga was making the rounds through Calgary, Canada, in his yellow taxi last week when he spotted a young family who really looked like they could use a free ride. There, in the road near a busy intersection, was a mother duck with nine little ducklings in tow. Adunga decided to offer them a lift.

"I jumped out of my cab and I motioned for the oncoming traffic to pull over so I could get the animals to safety," Adunga told Global News. "Several drivers got out of their cars and signalled everyone to stop. Other drivers used baby carriers to hold the ducklings and put them gently into my cab with their mama."

Adunga, who's been on the job for only about six months, transported the displaced ducks via his taxi to a nearby river. Once there, he helped the baby ducks and their mother outside and watched as they waddled away in a row.

The kindhearted cabbie says the cost of the ride would normally have been about $20, but his payment was just being able to get them to safety.

"It was amazing and I was happy to serve them," Adunga said in a statement from his employer, Checker Yellow Cabs. "As a human it is our responsibility to protect those animals, and nature and the environment. I could do it again too. Not only the animals, humans too. We have to rescue each other, we have to help each other."