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Butt Seriously, This Felted Cat Art Just Sold Out On Japan’s Version Of Etsy

From the nation that brought us "hamuketsu", a genre devoted to the little rear-ends of hamsters, comes the latest trend to focus entirely on an animal's derrière. And this time, it's cat bottoms.

Accessory designer Popolare, who runs a store on the site Minne, which is like Japan's version of Etsy, has created a rather unusual new type of wall-mounted art she's dubbed "Nekoketsu", which translates loosely to ‘cat ass'. Using a technique called felting, which is often used to sculpt animal figurines, Popolare has decided to craft just the tushes and tails of cats -- hence the name.

Each "nekoketsu" comes framed and ready to hang, transforming any boring old wall into one that it looks like a cat got stuck trying to jump through.

Popolare anatomical creations suggest an almost disturbingly close attention to detail, which may be why they don't come cheap. At $225 a pop, these aren't for your casual feline rump enthusiasts.

Still, there's been plenty of buyers. Not too long after these things first went on sale, they already sold out.

Photos via Minne

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