He Is The Most Interesting Cat In The World

Have you seen this cat?

If not, you may need to get out more.

Burma the Adventure Cat lives every one of his nine lives to the extreme.

For this "domestic" feline, life is all about those lofty heights. Along with his owner and best pal Stephen Simmons - and a dog named Puppi - he's scaled some of America's most dizzying peaks.

Initially, Simmons set off in just a Jeep with his stalwart canine companion, Puppi.

They were soon joined by a kitten named Burma.

Think Mount McLoughlin, a 9,500-foot-high volcano in Oregon. Or the commanding summit of northern California's Mount Shasta.

Burma's incredible journeys are chronicled on Instagram, of course, where an astonishing 27,000 people follow his exploits.

But perhaps even more incredible is the journey of Burma's owner, Stephen Simmons.

Returning from the Iraq war in 2008, Simmons, like many veterans, found the transition to civilian life difficult, Mother Nature Network reports.

His coping mechanism?

An emerging school of thought linking high adventure to therapy.

"My friend and therapist Chris Fadness, a Gulf War veteran, is on the cutting edge of PTSD therapy," Simmons told The Huffington Post. "He taught me that PTSD is very much a biological function - it's not just in our minds - and that we can do things to positively impact how our bodies respond to stress and anxiety. 'Adventure therapy' channels your biological symptoms to work in positive rather than destructive ways."

And so, to the far and rugged reaches of America!

Today, the trio is still on the road, coast-to-coasting from mountaintop to storied mountaintop.

There's Burma in Oregon's sprawling Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

Despite having taken so many small steps for cat-kind, Burma apparently keeps it humble. Her Instagram bio simply reads, "A small brown cat living a life of adventure."