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Bunny Freed From Lab Cage Smells Grass For The Very First Time

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In her old life, Suzie-Q never got to play, meet other animals or hop around outside. The brown and white rabbit was used for research at a school where students practiced giving shots on her.

After her time there, she was supposed to be sold for meat, but a kind student stepped in and brought Suzie-Q to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in New York, where she'll never have to be afraid again.

One of her new caretakers encouraged Suzie-Q to explore an outside pen for the first time this week, where she met some of her new family.

Caretakers captured this amazing shot of Suzie-Q sticking her face in the grass and smelling it - for the very first time. This is pretty different from life in a cage!

Congratulations to Suzie-Q, and here's hoping she'll spend many happy years hopping around with her new buddies.