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11 Truths All Bunny Owners Have Come To Accept

1. Rabbits can bust a chill better than anybody.

(Reddit: Bend123)

2. Their little sniffing noses are totally mesmerizing.


3. There is nothing cuter than a snacking bunny.


4. Sometimes they need alone time to collect themselves.

(Reddit: lanadelrage)

5. They're impressive leapers ... sometimes.


6. Bunnies are always happy to help you in the garden!

(Reddit: smalliscool)

7. Contrary to popular belief, they can be pretty affectionate.


8. They know how to amp up the cuteness when they need to ...

(Reddit: xlectric)

9. ... But don't be fooled, there's mischief behind those angelic eyes.


10. Their hair game is usually ON POINT.

(Reddit: Netsvar)

11. You will never find a better cuddly, fuzzy, little companion.


Editor's note: make sure to look into proper rabbit care before adopting or rescuing one of these cute critters - particularly when it comes to dietary restrictions.