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Bunny Knowledge = Bunnylove!

Did you know that Rabbits are just as intelligent as dogs and Cats? That they can be as social and affectionate as dogs? And that they are clean and groom themselves as well as any cat?

Rabbits are amazing little lagomorphs, and they are as enchanting as a fairy tale!

But they are fragile and delicate little creatures despite their feisty strong-willed little personalities!

As a matter of fact, if you come down to feed your little house-rabbit one morning and he doesn't come running to you for his routine feeding ......there is definitely something wrong. And if you don't know what it is.....you shouldn't have a rabbit as a pet!

Because in 24 hours if you don't do something, and I mean fast......this rabbit can be dead!

When a rabbit doesn't come running for his meals, he is almost surely getting something called GI Stasis. If you notice right away, and give him just 10-20 mls of water every few hours with a small syringe, he can be fine by the next day. If you don't he could easily die....

Wouldn't you want to know this before you adopt a rabbit?

Help me help rabbits and people by spreading the word about what rabbits need and why they are so fragile. Every little spread helps!

My website, www.bunnygroomer.com is a simple site to help anyone, even children, understand rabbits. If you want to delve further and learn everything there is to know about rabbits, www.rabbit.org is your best rabbit information site in the world. I trust them above all when it comes to rabbits.

Thank you for helping the delightful wonderful rabbit!