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Tiny Bulldog Only Wants To Roll Around. Nothing Else. Just Roll. That's it.

<p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2mWpkVyTQKquo-eohIyLZw">Youtube/Kathryn Miller</a><span></span><br></p>

Sophie the English bulldog is a little puppy whose video has been going viral - all for her expert rolling-down-hills skills.

Clearly, this pup has talent. We all used to love rolling down great big grassy hills as kids, and Sophie has it pretty much mastered. But hills are not the only place Sophie knows how to roll. In fact, this puppy is pretty much stopping, dropping and rolling all day long, and in every season.

In fact, it's often chilly outside when she's doing her thing, so she's frequently wearing different-colored sweatshirts - even better!

Check out some of her greatest hits:

Sophie chases a cat, loses the cat and decides to roll instead.

Youtube/Kathryn Miller

Sophie barks at a cat, cannot get the cat to move and so she rolls next to the cat instead.

Youtube/Kathryn Miller

Sophie walks, gets bored with walking and - you guessed it - rolls.

Youtube/Kathryn Miller

Basically, Sophie can't go more than a couple feet without rolling. She's a roly-poly puppy, and rolling in the grass is way more fun than walking anyway.

You keep on rolling your way through life, Sophie. We support you.

Youtube/Kathryn Miller