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Guy Learns Bull Doesn't Want To Be Chased ... In The Most Embarrassing Way

A man participating in a barbaric bullfight got caught with his pants down - quite literally.

The moment in all its glory or terror, depending on your perspective, is captured on camera and was posted to YouTube this week for posterity.

A tormented bull was unleashed in a loud stadium in Zaragoza, Spain, so participants could try to outrun him in some bizarre idea of fun.

He charges in all directions, looking for some way out of the situation.

At one point, he recedes to the side and seems to peek over the partition and appeal to the audience for help.

Finally, he's had enough.

The man managed to outrun the bull - but no one can outrun the legacy a viral video leaves.

While we're glad the man wasn't more seriously injured, we would rather no one get hurt, human or animal.