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Bull About To Be Killed Struggles For His Life ... And Breaks Free

It's a short video, but the moment a bull is seen struggling for his life feels like it goes on forever.

A clip posted to Facebook recently shows a handsome young bull being taken by his horns and forced into submission.

The men who surround him intend to slit his throat. The bull struggles at first, but then seems to lose strength.

For a few long, heart-stopping seconds, the bull seems subdued, and it's unclear whether the slitting has already begun.

But then the bull kicks up his back legs, shot through with new urgency and energy, and pulls his head away from the men.

Knocking the men over as he tears himself away from them, the bull sprints down the street.

He is literally running for his life in this beautiful escape.

We all breathe a sigh of relief, as the act of violence, attempted in plain sight on a city street, is cut short by this individual's adamant determination to live.

But in factory farms, where the bulk of meat comes from in the U.S., the killing is deliberately hidden from public eye.