This 'Fiesta' Is So Cruel It Doesn't Even Seem Real

<p><a href="" target="_blank">Flickr/Niki Odolphie</a></p>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Flickr/Niki Odolphie</a></p>

We knew bulls in Spain had it bad - prodded and stabbed in the cruel tradition of bullfighting.

But that isn't the only way bulls are treated. Celebrations known as "El Toro Jubilo" or "Toro Embolado," or fire bull fiestas, take place across the country. Sadly, these festivals are exactly what they sound like, and a petition against them is now garnering a lot of support, trying to ban the cruelty from Spain for good.

Warning: Disturbing images below

Tied to a post in a town square and affixed with fireworks and flames, bulls in Spain are routinely tortured in a bizarre conception of entertainment that can last for up to 40 horrific minutes as the animals try to escape the fire engulfing their horns; thousands die each year.

Many people in Spain are against the practice, which takes place in myriad forms across the country. According to Spanish group PACMA, 84 percent of people who took part in a recent poll rejected traditions like this.

Now that evidence shows that cows, like all mammals, have consciousness and feelings, it isn't surprising that the tide is turning toward disgust rather than revelry.

Ending cruelty doesn't necessarily mean giving up the tradition. Bull proxies on metal frames called "Toro de Fuego" appear to also be used for the festivities - so, why not celebrate the tradition in a way that isn't torturous?

Add your name to the tens of thousands who have already signed the petition urging Spain to ban this cruel practice.

Watch a video from PACMA on fire bull fiestas (warning: graphic):