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Bull Gets Ultimate Revenge, Gores Matador In Testicle

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Some folks might consider the cruel world of bullfighting a manly sport, but one participant recently learned that it can be anything but - quite literally.

During a bullfighting match at the Feria de San Isidro in Madrid this week, matador Marco Galán suffered an injury, the mere mention of which would make many men shudder. Moments after Galán thrust two sharpened spears, called banderillas, into the bull's flank, the justifiably defensive animal struck back at him - goring the matador with a horn in his groin.

"My testicle was ripped open," Galán told TheLocal.es from a hospital bed. "It wasn't a great moment for me."

The emasculated matador has vowed to persevere through the cringe-inducing injury to return to the ring fighting bulls, saying, inexplicably: "These things happen when you go in the ring. But bad things can also happen just walking down the street."

Sadly, animals made to participate in the outdated tradition of bullfighting can't choose to retire, and the needless injuries inflicted on are almost always fatal. Every year, about 250,000 bulls die in the ring, stabbed multiple times and left to die a slow death for purposes of entertainment.

The realities of bullfighting are not lost on animal welfare supporters who, while sympathetic about Galán's testicle, have no qualms condemning what led him to lose it.

"It's really important that we maintain a sense of perspective, and whilst acknowledging that one man losing a testicle is a bad injury, those who taunt and injure and kill bulls for fun do so at their own risk," said Wendy Higgins from Humane Society International, in a statement. "They have a choice whether or not to enter the bullring, the bulls do not. Bullfighting has no place in the twenty first century and should be banned."