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Cat With Three Ears Just Has More To Love

All cats are unique in their own special way. Brian, for example, has just a little bit extra to love.

U.K. rescue Feline Care found Brian after a neighboring store was complaining about someone setting off its security alarms. Feline Care set out some traps, expecting to find one of their own cats - but instead got Brian.

Facebook/Feline Care Cat Rescue

However, the bigger surprise was what was on Brian's head. Behind one of his little gray ears was a third ear, perfectly formed and rather cute.

Facebook/Mel Kind

Feline Care described Brian as "handsome" and "mature." If no one steps up, they'll begin the process of finding him a forever home - but they're hoping he has a family somewhere out there looking for him.

"We're hoping that he's not another dumped pussy cat and that he's just got himself lost," Feline Care said. "He's obviously very distinctive with his extra little ear so someone must be missing him or recognise him."

If you're in the area and have any information about Brian's owners, you can contact Feline Care at info@felinecare.org.uk . If you're not and you'd like to add a cat to your home, you can visit Adopt-a-Pet.com to see needy cats near you (Disclaimer: Most of them have two ears).