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Woman Defies 'No Trespassing' Sign To Feed Dogs Left To Die

After she discovered a pair of trapped, neglected dogs this weekend, one young woman chose to follow her conscience instead of following the rules.

On Sunday, Pia Triviño of Santa Rosa, Philippines, took to social media to share the story of two abandoned dogs she found starving behind a locked gate, allegedly the victims of a shockingly callous bank seizure.

"I was told that this house was taken by the bank from the previous owners and they werent [sic] allowed to get their stuff inside including the dogs because apparently it was considered a 'thing,'" wrote Triviño on Facebook. "Clearly they're no longer fed properly, no more baths and they lie next to their dirt. They're skinny and almost looks that they're going to die soon."

Triviño initially asked nearby residents to help feed the dogs, but later took the task upon herself after an unnamed good Samaritan donated almost 10 pounds of dog food to her cause.

"The dogs hesitated to come at first," wrote Triviño in a followup post Monday morning. "Probably traumatized from weeks of not having anything to eat. But slowly they approached the plastic container of food and fresh water we managed to slip under the steel gates. They ate it all in less than 2 minutes."

Unfortunately, the animal lover was unable to free the dogs herself, but help might still be on the way. According to Triviño, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is now on the case after being inundated with messages on social media.

To learn how you too can help animals around the world, visit Humane Society International's website today.

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