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Brave Mother Elephant Saves Baby Hippo From Jaws of Hyena

Louis Locke, a safari guide working in the Chobe National Park, Botswana, 2012, witnessed this incredible true story of interspecies compassion between an elephant and a hippo. Dream Out Loud Films have made his story into this beautiful animation to raise awareness of an elephant's extraordinary capacity for compassion, intelligence and emotion.

Watch A True Story of Elephant Compassion as seen by Louis Locke, Safari Guide:

If humans could show the same compassion for elephants as elephants show other species, we could save these sentient beings from extinction. Between the ivory trade, habitat loss, human-elephant conflict and the orphaning of baby elephants, the future for elephants is dire. 1 African elephant is killed by poachers every 15 minutes to make ivory trinkets. At this rate conservationists estimate that elephants will be extinct in the wild by 2025.

The short animation above is a cut from a feature length documentary, currently in production, DO Elephants Go To Heaven? This documentary will approach the elephants' plight from a unique and compelling perspective, working with safari guides and elephant whisperers to find out what elephants are experiencing in the wild and in captivity. The film will examine how elephants and humans are not that different.

This film is a continuation of Director Louise Hogarth's important body of work to raise awareness of critical social issues. In her 2007 award winning documentary, Angels in the Dust, the stories of HIV/AIDS orphans were interwoven with the dramatic parallel saga of the orphaned elephants of Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa. The longtime government practice of culling (brutally killing adult elephants to control herd sizes) left baby elephants growing up without moms or family to teach them good manners. This resulted in violent behavior such as attacking and goring rhinos. Adult elephants were re-introduced into the park to bring the unruly teenagers into line. No more rhinos were killed and no more tourists were terrorized.

Baby elephants and human children alike need loving and nurturing parents to become good community members. When a consumer buys an ivory trinket they do not make the connection that an intelligent, sentient being was murdered and in many cases a baby orphaned.

We hope you enjoy A True Tale of Elephant Compassion and that it makes you stop and think about the wonder of elephants!

You can DO something to stop the slaughter. DO make a stand. DO spread the word. DO save an elephant.

Dream Out Loud Films is running a crowd-funding campaign to continue filming for this important film and we need your help. Visit our Kickstarter campaign to donate now! Join our herd today: save elephants, contribute to film and receive awesome elephant-approved gifts to boot! More info at dolfilms.org, Facebook and Twitter.