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Little Boy Traps A Bird And His Siblings Do The Right Thing

Most kids enjoy animals, but some take loving them a little more seriously than others. A little boy was filmed talking about how he finally succeeded in catching a bird ... while his two younger siblings debated on how to set the bird free.

The boy was clearly very proud that he had trapped the bird under a bucket, but his younger siblings weren't so sure. His little sister and brother examined the bucket in the background, skeptical about the whole thing.

At one point his little sister said, "How do we get it out?"

YouTube/America's Funniest Home Videos

While their brother is talking to the camera, the two kids in the background lift up the bucket and figure out exactly how to do just that: set the little bird free. The kids then turn back to the camera, looking guilty but also rather pleased with themselves.

YouTube/America's Funniest Home Videos

Check out the full video of the bird's rescue below: