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Ducklings Make Kid Laugh Harder Than Anyone Has Ever Laughed Before

Most kids at least have an appreciation for animals, but there are some who REALLY love them (spoiler alert, I was totally one of those kids). This kid could have just had a simple appreciation for animals ... until he met these ducklings.

A little boy got the opportunity to hang out with a whole posse of baby ducks in a kiddie pool, and oh my goodness it seems like it just might have been the best day of his life.

"Dad look, I'm like a jungle gym!" Yes you are, the best jungle gym there ever was. His giggles every time a duckling moves are the absolute best thing ever.

Probably the best part though is when this little boy is SO concerned that a duckling might fall out of the pool. Future protector of animals? I think so.

Kudos to his dad for capturing the best memory EVER.