10-Year-Old Boy Makes Incredibly Moving Plea For Circus Elephants

<p> <a href="https://www.thedodo.com/community/KennethLerer/ringling-circus-seaworld-1025065167.html" target="_blank">Flickr/TruffShuff</a> </p>
<p> <a href="https://www.thedodo.com/community/KennethLerer/ringling-circus-seaworld-1025065167.html" target="_blank">Flickr/TruffShuff</a> </p>

"Knock down that selfishness and bring up that selflessness, bring up that caringness. That is what counts in life the most."

A video posted this week on Facebook shows 10-year-old Joseph Moreno's deeply determined street corner appeal to Ringling Bros. and all other circuses that use wild animals.

"Elephants are so tired of being bull hooked every day of their lives when they do not obey. They are so tired."

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Urging sanctuaries for those circus animals who have already been captured and no longer know how to live in the wild, Moreno points to why he's standing there in the first place. "Since animals have no voice, what are they supposed to do?"

Moreno says that when it comes to using animals for shows, "there is no excuse ... The world is showing you there is no excuse."

Luckily, people like Moreno who have spoken out against cruel practices have made an impact on animal acts. Earlier this year, Ringling Bros. agreed to retire its elephants to the company's Center for Elephant Conservation by 2018. Some say that other companies that use animals, like SeaWorld, could stand to listen to consumers, too.

While there's still so far to go for animals in this world, Moreno holds a steadfast faith in the capacity for companies like Ringling Bros. to change. "There is no way this is sliding," Moreno says. "Not on my watch, not on our watch, not on the whole world's watch."


Learn about the 8 worst circuses here and ask your friends and family to pledge never to go to circuses that use wild animals in their acts.

Watch the full video here:

While most kids look up to grownups, this UNBELIEVABLE 10-year-old is not afraid to confront them and speak up for the animals.Incredible.