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Man Risks His Life To Save His Pig From Drowning

A pig and a man found their fates entwined this week, as they clung to a makeshift raft amid raging floodwaters.

An image, published by the Manila Times, shows an animal seemingly limp with terror, leaning back into the man's arms. They're wrapped around each other; their fate, in turn, is wrapped around a sagging tire tube.

Judging by the grin on the human's face, this little piggy seems to be in good hands.

And he may not know it yet, but he's among a fortunate few who found a lifeline in human hands.

In the wake of the typhoon, scenes of animals floating helplessly down fast-forming rivers have become all too common. In one case, a farm saw 5,000 out of 6,000 ducklings washed away.

These images were taken in the northern province of Aurora in the Philippines, where Koppu, locally called Lando, hit particularly hard.

Not every animal was lucky enough to share a partly inflated tire tube with a human. Others were herded or ridden through the high water.

In fact, in these desperate times, animals appear to be sharing more than rubber rafts with the locals. Human families are reportedly shacking up with animals in open spaces, not only in a bid to protect them - but also because they may have no other place to go.