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Boy Without Shoes Gave This Stray Dog A Sweater To Keep Warm

This is what selflessness looks like.

Freelance filmmaker Mohammad Belaal Imran was snapping pictures in a section of Karachi, Pakistan, this week when he happened upon an unusual sight - a stray dog wearing a sweater. Though that alone would have made for a memorable photo, what unfolded next made it truly unforgettable.

"While i was trying to capture him this boy came calling 'Jaggu, Jaggu' and the dog went crazy after him," Imran wrote in a post online. "He started playing with him, which was unbelievable as i never saw a stray dog playing like he was with this kid who feeds him everyday, and he is the one who gave Jaggu his shirt to wear because it's cold."

Mohammad Belaal Imran

The boy's age or circumstances aren't known for certain, but he is believed to be one of countless "street kids" living and working in cities across Pakistan - which makes his gesture toward Jaggu all the more remarkable.

Despite not having the most basic comforts himself, like shoes, he still found a way to keep his canine friend warm.

And he did it with a smile.

Mohammad Belaal Imran

Since the photo appeared on social media, many people have been asking how to help. A friend of the photographer's, Suhaib Jamal Nasir, has launched a GoFundMe page, where proceeds "will be used to give the boy and the dog proper clothing, food, shelter as well as medical care for both these best friends."

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Visit Azad Foundation's website for information on how to help more kids like him.