Blind Deer Finds Perfect Bodyguard In Kind Little Boy

<p><a href="" target="_blank">Reddit/bluecollarclassicist</a></p>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Reddit/bluecollarclassicist</a></p>

This deer lost her eyesight - but she gained a friend.

A Reddit user recently posted a photo of a blind deer who lives in his suburban Chicago neighborhood. Every morning, a 10-year-old boy walks with the deer and guides her between grass patches to make sure she gets enough food.

The story's a sweet reminder of the bonds that can be forged between animals and compassionate humans. Deer like this one aren't just in danger due to their own disabilities, but also from government wildlife officials, who will often put animals down without any attempt to save them.

Fortunately, the original poster reported that he had contacted a nearby wildlife rescue and that the deer would be taken in by them sometime on Tuesday - a fact he gently explained to his kindhearted little neighbor.

"The deer is getting picked up today by a local animal rescue group (NOT animal control) and taken to a vet for assessment," he wrote. "It will likely be tagged and taken to a controlled forest preserve but they did say that since she seemed so docile that she might end up in an approved farm or petting zoo."

It's not the same as the wild, but hopefully it will be a much safer home for a helpless little deer like this one. And with any luck, she'll have a chance at a long and happy life, thanks to one selfless little boy.