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Little Bow-Legged Puppy Straightens Out After Surgery

Duke was born with severely crooked front legs, which made even simple tasks like walking more difficult.

But just because it was more difficult didn't mean that he wasn't going to do them.

Even for a young puppy, Duke displayed a fiery amount of energy and enthusiasm for whatever activities he had lined up that day.

Whether it was walking down the hallway ...

... or playing with the bigger pups.

Duke was excited for it all, despite his rough start.

About two weeks ago, the 2-month-old puppy was picked up from Broward County Animal Care and Adoption in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, by Little Paws of Love, a rescue group that takes in dogs with health conditions and provides medical services for them.

It took a bit of fundraising, but Duke got the surgery he needed to straighten his legs. And after just a few days, he's already using his legs for brand new things ... such as standing up like a person!

Duke is still just as excited by life as he was before the surgery. Here he is introducing himself to one of the resident cats at Little Paws.

Thanks to the generosity of the team at Little Paws and the strangers who donated to his cause, Duke has quite a life ahead of him.

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