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Bouncy Baby Goat Wants To Show Mom She's Just Like Her

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Some of us prefer to lounge around during the winter, retreating to hibernation mode where the blankets are cozy and the hot cocoa is warm.

Others, like this chipper little goat named Maggie, need to burn off all that excess energy we've stored up during our time spent indoors.

What better way for an antsy goat to get some exercise than to bounce around an animal sanctuary? Especially when playtime means mom comes outside, too.

Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

Maggie, who is now almost 2 months old, was born at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York, on Christmas Eve. Her mother, Olive, was brought to the sanctuary to heal after she was rescued from a nightmare hoarding situation in the Hudson Valley.

Olive and Maggie have been inseparable ever since their first snow-kissed holiday together.

Now that Maggie is a bit more stable on her once-wobbly legs, she can run and jump around her new home as fast as she wants, often with Olive or one of her goat siblings in tow.

Facebook/Farm Sanctuary

Or, you know, her caretakers.

But, after a day of unabashed frolicking with her mom, little goats can get tuckered out, too, just like us.

That's when goat PJs come in extra handy.

For more info on this happy goat and the rest of her rescued family, check out Farm Sanctuary and consider making a donation.

Watch the full video of Maggie and Olive's playdate below:

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