Orangutan Found Sick And Alone In The Forest Finally Has A Baby

When Lesan, an orangutan in Borneo, needed rescuing years ago, it was hard to imagine what her future would look like. Today, she's thriving beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

In 2006, when she was just 3 years old, Lesan was dropped off at Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF). The people at BOSF weren't sure exactly why she was so weak and alone. But they did know they could help her.

It took six whole years to get Lesan strong enough to go back into the forest on her own. But on April 23, 2012, when Lesan was 9 years old, she was ready. Rescuers put a tracking device in the nape of Lesan's neck and said goodbye as she bounded back into the forest.

Four years passed.


Then, on June 8, 2016, rescuers spotted Lesan - and she wasn't alone.

Clinging to her was a tiny newborn baby, looking happy and healthy.


"Since her release, Lesan has grown into an amazing individual, and we are delighted to learn she has become a mother," BOSF wrote.

That Lesan is thriving is good news for orangutans - and human efforts to rescue them. Rapid deforestation for palm oil means more and more orangutans are under serious threat, and many displaced orphans are sold into the cruel pet trade. Lesan's ability to go back into the forest after her rescue and start a family bodes well for orangutan rescue efforts as a whole.


And Lesan still has people watching over her - especially during this important time.

"We are going to follow Lesan and her new baby every day for a week, repeat in the month after and then another week in the month after that," a representative for BOSF told The Dodo.


The people at BOSF have released 45 orangutans in the forest where Lesan is thriving. Learn how you can help them here.

Watch a video on another orangutan rescue below: