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Dogs Who Came From Same Terrible Shelter Can't Stand To Be Apart Now

Their rescuers made the happiest video of them doing all their favorite things together.

Sometimes, the glue that binds a friendship is made of all the wrong ingredients.

What kept Snoopy and Stephanie together for years was mostly made of tragedy.

The dogs had spent most of their lives at a run-down animal shelter in Israel.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

When Danielle Eden, founder of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, paid the shelter a visit last February, she couldn't decide which of the more than 250 animals to save.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

So she decided to buy the shelter and rescue them all.

Since then, the group has been finding homes for scores of those dogs, and bringing others to its shelter in Ontario, Canada.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

Among them were a couple of dogs who refused to be apart, even insisting on living in the same kennel together.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

"Whenever we separate them - whether one is getting groomed, or seeing the vet - they're just devastated," Clare Forndran, of Dog Tales, tells The Dodo. "The one that's left in the room will start howling."

There may be another reason for that powerful bond - the oldest reason in the world.

"We think that Stephanie is Snoopy's mom," Forndran says. "She's a few years older than him and when we first found them, she was very protective of him."

Today, that protective instinct has melted into pure playfulness.

Snoopy and Stephanie ride together.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

They swim together.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

They sun together.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

They selfie together.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

They need to find a home together.

But that most crucial chapter in their lives has yet to be written.

"We have them in the very first room that visitors see in our shelter," Forndran explains. "Just right at the front. Specifically, because we're trying to highlight them and get some attention for them."

Trouble is, for all the love these dogs have to give - their demands for bellyrubs and highlight-reel antics - they both share the same strike against them.

Snoopy, who's around 9, and Stephanie, 11, are seniors - not typically a quality that people look for in dogs to adopt.

"Unfortunately, people don't seem that interested in them so far, which is very sad," Forndran says.

But today, what binds this friendship is hope.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

Think you can give them a home? Get in touch with Dog Tales through its adoption page.

And if you would like to support Dog Tales and its mission to save countless dogs like Snoopy and Stephanie, consider making a donation.

You can also watch a video of Snoopy and Stephanie below.

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