9 Big Dogs Who Have No Idea How They Got On The Counter

1. "I was just sitting there, minding my own business, and somehow I ended up here!"

Reddit: so_lekker | Reddit: so_lekker

2. "I IMMEDIATELY regret this decision."

Reddit: ScaryStingRay | Reddit: ScaryStingRay

3. "... Okay, seriously you can help me down, now. We don't need photo evidence of this."

Reddit: ScaryStingRay

Reddit: ScaryStingRay

4. "I guess I ... flew?"

Reddit: KungFuPuff | Reddit: KungFuPuff

5. "Um. Help. Please."

Reddit: SarcasmicShock | Reddit: SarcasmicShock

6. "No, you're wrong. I'm not on the counter, I just decided to become a dish."

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7. "So, it's a funny story - a TRUE story, no less ..."

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8. "I mean, it's really not so bad. I see why the cats do it."

chrisleavins | chrisleavins

9. "Okay, so, I can explain ... wait, no I can't. But I love you!"

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