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Bobcat Celebrates Fall With A Harrowing Pumpkin Party

<p>Big Cat Rescue/YouTube</p>

Halloween can be a scary time. And if you're a rescued bobcat at Big Cat Rescue in Florida, you really don't need a costume. You're fearsome enough already.

Take Running Bear, for instance.

(Big Cat Rescue/YouTube)

He may be small, but those teeth would certainly be an excellent complement to a fearsome Halloween costume.

(Big Cat Rescue/YouTube)

But happily for Running Bear, this season's holiday is more about tricks than treats - and it's never too early to celebrate.

(Big Cat Rescue/YouTube)

Bobcats and other big cats may seem fearsome - but they've got a lot more to fear from us. Big cats are often bred to be exotic pets, and then abandoned or killed when they become too big for owners to handle. Learn more about the rescued cats - and the problems facing cats like them - at Big Cat Rescue here. And see the entire pumpkin party below: