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Stranded Squirrel Rescued By A Kindhearted River Boarder

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A sopping-wet squirrel who somehow found himself stranded in the middle of a fast-moving river is now safely back ashore - all thanks to one nice young man who was kind enough to offer him a ride.

Thomas Paterson tells news agency Caters that he was out enjoying a day of whitewater boarding in Ottawa, Canada when he spotted the squirrel perched atop a rock protruding from the water midstream. Seeing no easy way for the little creature to cross the river on his own, Paterson stepped in to help.

(YouTube/Caters TV)

The squirrel wasn't eager for assistance at first, leaping into the water to get away from what he might have assumed was a predator, but he was quickly pulled under by the strong current. Fortunately, Paterson was there to pluck him from the water, after which the soaked squirrel seemed to understand his rescuer's good intentions.

"Once he was on my board he realised what I was doing and just chilled and enjoyed the free ride," says Paterson, who captured the entire rescue on his GoPro camera.

There is a chance the fury castaway might have made it back to shore on his own, but not without putting his life in danger. Squirrels are capable of swimming, but as the BBC notes, they find it "very strenuous" and they "have been known to drown."

The Wildlife Rescue League advises caution when rescuing squirrels. When panicked, the animals are prone to bite, so in situations where they need to be picked up, it is best to wear gloves if possible.

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