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Fisherman Finds Lobster Who's So Special He Has To Save Him

Wayne Nickerson, a lobsterman in Plymouth, Massachusetts, came across a most unusual lobster during his trip out to sea on Monday.

A photo of the bright blue, 2-pound animal was shared by his wife, Jan, on Facebook. According to Wayne, this is the second time in his 35-year career that he's seen a blue lobster.

The captured lobster, appropriately named Bleu, was spared from becoming dinner and plans are in the works to find him a new home at a local aquarium, the couple told ABC News. In this case, Bleu's chances of survival may be higher at an aquarium than if left in the wild.

"People from the New England Aquarium are amazed he has made it to the size he is, in the ocean, as he is a target for predators," Jan wrote on Facebook. "They do not usually make it, that is one reason they are rare. He will be well cared for by marine biologists."

Only one out of two million lobsters turn blue instead of their trademark dark brown and reddish hues. "The coloration comes from a genetic defect that causes the lobster to produce an excessive amount of a particular protein that gives the lobster that unique coloration," the University of Maine's Lobster Institute explains.

Surprisingly, blue lobsters aren't even the rarest of lobsters.

One would even be more lucky to see a yellow ...

... calico and albino ...

... or even dual-colored lobster in the wild.

And in this lobster's case, his coloring didn't just make him special - it gave him the ultimate break.

"There'll be no butter or boiling for this guy," Jan wrote.

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