Here's How Much Hunters Will Pay To Shoot The 'Perfect' Lion

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Most people have heard of trophy hunting, but many people don't know how big game hunters actually "take" the taxidermied lions donning their living rooms as decoration.

Often, these hunters have gone on a quick and easy trip to a "canned hunting" facility. "Canned hunting" puts lion breeders in cahoots with tourist industries looking to rake in a lot of cash. Masquerading as wildlife welfare facilities, these establishments take advantage of tourists who want to help animals and cater to wealthy hunters looking for an easy target. These hunters frequently just go online and pick out their prey before they travel to facilities, mostly in South Africa, to shoot the tamed animal to death in a small enclosure that makes the kill more convenient.

This is how much hunters think the lives of animals are worth.

White Male Lion: $30,000


Male Lion: $25,000


Female Lion: $8,000


And lions aren't the only ones. It's estimated that 8,000 predators are being held in enclosures right now so that wealthy trophy hunters can come and shoot them dead.

Leopard: $15,000


Learn what you can do to stop canned hunting here. And watch "Blood Lions," airing Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 10 p.m. ET on MSNBC, to learn more.

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