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Feisty Blind Pup Won't Let Anything Stand In His Way

Murdock the pit bull may not have the best eyes, but he sure has a lot of heart.

Born with a vision disorder that has left him virtually blind, the puppy saved by Fresno Bully Rescue and foster mom Noelani Guerrero hardly shows it, playing fetch ...

... exploring the world ...

... and even climbing stairs, just like any other dog.

"Murdock has no fears," writes Guerrero. "[T]hough he may need a little extra guidance occasionally, Murdock truly lives life to the fullest."

Now 4 months old, Murdock wasn't always so graceful ...

... but with a little courage and a lot of love, this scrappy pup has become unstoppable.

To learn more about Fresno Bully Rescue's work, click here. Or, If you think you're ready to bring a rescue animal like Murdock a home, visit Adopt-a-Pet.com.

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