Blind Elephant Found Begging On The Streets Is Finally Happy

No one knows exactly how many years of suffering she endured, but Lakhi, at roughly 61 years old, finally has the life she deserves.

Lakhi is a blind elephant who endured years of abuse. | YouTube/Wildlife SOS

Lakhi was discovered living a life of poverty in Mumbai, India, where she was forced to beg on the streets. Just over a year ago, she was rescued by Wildlife SOS.

Her rescuers believe a lifetime of abuse with a bullhook, along with severe malnutrition, caused her blindness. Her feet were cracked and her body was speckled with wounds and scars from beatings.

But she never gave up.

Lakhi, when she was first rescued over a year ago | Wildlife SOS

A year of love and care since her rescue has done Lakhi a world of good.

New footage shows the elderly blind elephant going totally bonkers for a pool of water, submerging herself and snuggling up to her friends, the other rescued elephants being cared for and comforted at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Agra.

Lakhi playing in the pool with friends | YouTube/Wildlife SOS

This is how life for every elephant should look.

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