Blind Dog With Missing Teeth Still Bosses Her Family Around

Rocky, a 13-year-old Boston terrier from California, is blind, missing teeth and a total princess.


"If you just met her, you might think she lost some of her hearing too, but she's been ignoring people since day one unless there's a promise of cheese," Rebecca Kelly, Rocky's sister, told The Dodo.


Rocky has been living with her family since she was just a puppy, and even way back then, she was constantly getting sick. From accidentally eating fertilizer to unexplained medical conditions, Rocky had it all.

"She's been a problem child from the day we got her," Kelly said. "Name an ailment, Rocky's had it."


Despite her issues she had an absurd amount of energy, and was constantly getting herself into trouble. "She was a great escape artist. She somehow wedged her way out of every puppy cage," Kelly said. "We once caught her scaling a 5-foot gate to get out of a room. Zoomies so wild we thought she might have a heart attack."

The tiny little fighter never let anything get the best of her, even once she started having issues with her eyes.

"We found out that Rocky has recurring or chronic corneal ulcers, which over time scar over and can even be infected," Kelly said. "It's essentially like blisters on her eyes."


Over time Rocky's ulcers got worse, but her vision was still there. One day, Rocky bumped her eye on the branch of a plant, and only days later, her ulcer became infected. Days after that, her cornea ruptured. Rocky had to have emergency surgery, and after that she was completely blind.

"Rocky took a long time to adjust. The first month or two was really hard for her," Kelly said. "She cried constantly and panted from anxiety."

But, just like everything else, Rocky soon overcame her anxiety, and tackled her blindness head on.


"About a year later, she's a ballsy little blind girl," Kelly said.

Rocky now has no problem getting around, and is a total pro at being blind ... usually.

"Even though she seems like she's got a great handle on things, she'll surprise you by bumping into a wall or the stove that's been sitting there since day one," Kelly said. "She's a mystery."


Despite her old age and health issues, Rocky is still as sassy and fabulous as ever. She's been through so much and at this point, there's not much that can stand in her way. She loves to boss her family around, scolding them for not adjusting her blankets the right way or demanding she be fed with a fork. Everything that Rocky does is on her own terms, and no matter how old she gets, that will never change.

She's lost her sight and a lot of her teeth, but little miss Rocky certainly hasn't lost her passion for life. She still loves to go for walks in her stroller ...


... and eat delicious snacks with the teeth she still has.

She's come this far, and now Rocky is enjoying old age in style.


"She's just a sassy, gassy girl who loves to smile," Kelly said.