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Sweet Blind Dog Is Always Facing The Wrong Direction

Loss of vision doesn't make a dog any less loving or loyal or kind. It does, however, make a dog considerably worse at looking in the right direction, as a black lab named Uncle Ebenezer recently proved.

On Sunday, Imgur user stanykins uploaded photos of the blind pup's less-than-perfect attempts at sight-heavy activities like watching TV and answering the door.

"I adopted a blind senior black lab last year," wrote stanykins. "I always catch him doing what I call 'being blind.'"

Ebenezer, it seems, has a singular talent for facing the way everyone else isn't.

In a photo captioned "taking in the living room scenery," for instance, the oblivious pup appears to be intently examining the leg of a chair.

According to his owner, Ebenezer only had the surgery to remove his eyes when he was adopted last year, which explains the dog's endearingly inept orientation skills.

But while he may have lost his sight, Ebenezer clearly gained something far more important: a loving home.

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