Blind Dachshund And His Seeing-Eye Dog Dumped In A Backyard

For one blind dachshund named Herbie, his partner, Hilda, is more than just a friend - she's his seeing-eye companion, always there to comfort and guide him.

Their story started back in April, when three dachshunds were unceremoniously dumped into the backyard of a man in Oregon who used to rescue dachshunds. Since the man was no longer a rescuer, he did the next best thing for the abandoned dogs - he left them in the care of the Marion County Dog Services shelter.

While the third dog remained at the county shelter and quickly found a home, Herbie and Hilda's rescuers saw that the two dogs were incredibly close and would therefore need to find a home together. Herbie and Hilda were then transferred to a smaller rescue called Salem's Dogs to better their adoption chances.

"This will be a challenging placement as they must go together," the rescue wrote on Facebook in late April. "Herbie and Hilda are both about 3 or 4 years old. Herbie is blind and Hilda is his seeing-eye dog."

Once the two dogs were neutered and spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccinations, the hunt to find them a new home was finally underway - and in June, the perfect couple from Yakima, Washington, drove five hours just to bring them home, the Statesman Journal reported.

After losing their 16-year-old dachshund and wanting to adopt a new one, John and Dorothy Sinnar came across an ad for Herbie and Hilda - and their connection to the bonded pair was immediate.

"I told Dorothy that 'I think these are our dogs' and I knew immediately that we had to go see them," John told the Statesman Journal. When they met in person, the Sinnars fell in love with how protective Hilda was over Herbie.

The two dogs recently went home with their new parents to start their new lives together as a family - and it was all thanks to their rescuers, who understood that separating the two just simply wasn't an option.

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