Blind Shelter Cat Gets His Very Own Seeing Eye Kitten

Left for dead with two badly damaged eyes, Steuben the cat was lost in the world even after he was rescued by a humane society in Ohio. Soon, however, a special little friend volunteered to show Steuben the way.

According to the Cleveland Animal Protection League (APL), Steuben was born with congenitally shrunken eyes that had to be surgically removed. While recovering from the operation, the blind cat was befriended by a kitten named Precious who helped Steuben find what he couldn't see.

"They formed the most incredible bond," Sharon Harvey of the Cleveland APL told local news station WOIO. "This little 3-month-old kitten really took Steuben under her wing and started leading him to the food bowl and tapping him when it was time to eat."

Since then, the cats have been inseparable, with Precious acting as Steuben's guide and Steuben returning the favor by giving her baths. Now the duo is looking for a home that can accommodate two very special kittens.

Raising the kittens will present some unique challenges, but Harvey believes Steuben and Precious have a lot to teach people about the spirit of giving.

"We just need to stop and help each other out," said Harvey.

To adopt Steuben and Precious or other rescue animals like them, visit the Cleveland APL's website here. Or click here and find a shelter in your area.